Class of 1968 Spring 2016 Letter

Here we go again! Another year closer to our 50-year reunion, bravely facing down another election year, watching the economy go on a wild roller coaster ride with our retirement funds, and being thankful for the lives and blessings we have been given. Did you have a chance to get to Christmas at Luther this year? It was truly an awesome experience, and we were moved by the enormity of the talent being fostered and shared by all of the students and staff involved. Of course, any trip to Decorah must include a Mabe's Pizza, and that was also a treat to be cherished. We aren't able to get back every year, but when we do, it is always a great experience. I hope this letter finds you all healthy and enjoying your days with family and friends. It is always an honor to sit down and have a chat with you through this newsletter.

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