1955 Class Agent Carlyle Haaland

Class of 1955 Fall 2016 Letter

Fall 2016

Dear Classmates:

Homecoming 2016 experienced nice fall weather–a little cool, somewhat sunny, but not yet graced with the typical fall colors, partly because Homecoming was held earlier than usual, and partly because of the late fall in the Upper Midwest. Mary and I were there and enjoyed it, in great part because it was the 60-year anniversary of her Class of 1956. So, I was kind of a “tag-along,” but it was fun to see so many friends and acquaintances in that class just behind ours. Ted Tweed and Janet (Campbell) Tweed were there also, since she started with the Class of 1956, but accelerated to end with ours. Pat (Olafson) Savoie emailed to say that she would not make it, since she was traveling from California to Minnesota earlier for her high school class reunion.

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