Class Agent Eugene Nordby '39

Class of 1939 Fall 2014 Letter

Fall 2014

Dear Classmate:

My son Jon and I left Madison after breakfast on October 10 and traveled to Decorah. It was a nice trip with leaves turned in their fall colors. We checked into the Hotel Winneshiek and then registered at Dahl Centennial Union, where I found that Hazel Amundson of our class had already checked in. I was surprised and pleased to have company. Jon and I visited the bookstore and looked around until the inauguration ceremonies at the adjacent Center for Faith and Life building began. It was a well-organized affair, with faculty marching in, orchestra and chorus assembled, and visitors escorted to seats. The new 10th president of Luther, Dr. Paula J. Carlson, gave a cogent and compassing talk that was very good. She is a good speaker and has a sense of humor, and I hope will be able to raise money, which seems to be the prime criterion of a leader these days. 

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