Luther College Iowa and Minnesota Impact Awards

The Luther College Iowa and Minnesota Impact Awards allow high-achieving Iowa and Minnesota students to pursue their academic goals at Luther College, regardless of their financial background. Through these awards, eligible students receive FREE TUITION (valued in excess of $50,000 annually) during their years of enrollment at Luther College.

Qualification Requirements

  • A high school GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Family adjusted gross income of $80,000 or less
  • Typical amount of reportable assets for a family with a $80,000 adjusted gross income
  • Iowa OR Minnesota resident as defined by the Iowa College Student Aid Commission or the Minnesota Office of Higher Education
  • Must reside on campus for each year the award is received
  • Be an incoming first-time student or transfer student for fall 2024

No special scholarship application is needed. If your application is accepted and you qualify for the Iowa Impact Award, Luther will ensure your gift assistance equals the cost of tuition.


These questions are meant to provide general financial guidance regarding this program. Please feel free to reach out to your admissions counselor or the Office of Financial Aid for more information about your specific financial situation.

What if my family’s adjusted gross income becomes higher than $80,000 after my first year of enrollment at Luther?
We will allow for a three percent rise in adjusted gross income annually moving forward. If a family’s income increases 3% above $80,000, we will award financial assistance to the student based on what they would have qualified for as an incoming student who did not qualify for the Luther College Iowa or Minnesota Impact Award. For students entering in the fall of 2024, the family AGI used will be drawn from the 2022 federal tax return, as required on the 2024-25 FAFSA.

When and how will my GPA be calculated for the purposes of qualifying?
At the time of application, the student’s cumulative GPA should be 3.5.

If I am a transfer student, how will my GPA be calculated?
It will be calculated based on 24 hours of transferable credit; then, we examine your college GPA. If you are below 24 hours of credit, then we examine your high school GPA.

Is there a limit to the number of Iowa and Minnesota Impact Awards that Luther will offer?
There is no cap on the number of awards we will offer to Iowa students.

What financial resources are available to assist with room and board?
Students will have the ability to utilize outside scholarships (providing that they aren’t specific to tuition), earnings from student employment, and student or parent loans to help cover the costs associated with room, board, and required fees.

How will the Luther College Iowa or Minnesota Impact Award be described on my financial aid offer?
This award is a guarantee that your gift assistance from institutional, state, and federal sources covers the cost of full-time tuition. It will not be named as the “Iowa Impact Award” or the “Minnesota Impact Award” on your financial aid offer.

Do I need to maintain a specific GPA or be enrolled for a specific number of credits to maintain the award?
Students need to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to receive any of their financial aid. Additionally, students need to maintain full-time enrollment each semester (12 credits minimum) to qualify.

Does the award cover Summer Tuition or Tuition Overload charges assessed during the academic year?
No, this program only covers the published, full-time tuition rate for fall and spring semesters.

If I qualify for the Luther College Iowa or Minnesota Impact Award and I’m eligible for a tuition benefit or exchange program because I have a parent working at another college, how does that work?
The tuition benefit is considered first with Luther making up the difference in institutional, state, and federal funds.

Will I still qualify for the Luther College Iowa or Minnesota Impact Award if I am unable to finish my academic program in 4 years (8 semesters)?
No. Any students who take longer than 4 years will receive standard financial aid offers based on their demonstrated need.

What is an atypical amount of assets for a family with an AGI of $80,000?
The FAFSA already excludes many assets from its calculation including the home you live in, retirement funds and a small business or family farm. An atypical amount of assets to appear on the FAFSA for a family with a $80,000 AGI would be those in excess of $80,000.

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