Flint Angeroth Franks

Making the Most of a Luther Education

For Flint Angeroth Franks ’15, Luther was a fusion of valuable experiences. “There were what seemed like thousands of moments of making connections with the people on campus. I talked about the world with friends, learned new skills through work-study, and was encouraged by teachers to reach higher standards,” he says.

I always felt that I was given the tools I needed to take the next step forward and shape my own journey.

Flint Angeroth Franks '15
A Lifelong Network of Support

Flint earned a degree in music and a minor in K–12 education and successfully secured a position teaching band following graduation. While most teachers find their first year challenging, Flint felt that his Luther education provided him the tools to fill in the gaps when he had questions. “I would email faculty for feedback on ideas that I had about program goals or about concert programs,” he recalled. “I also had a network of Luther alumni to reach out to who were willing to give me advice and work with my students. Luther gave me the resources and knowledge I needed to build success.”

While Flint felt prepared to enter his intended field upon graduation, he learned along the way that his passion for music education was at the collegiate level. Drawing encouragement from his support network at Luther, he took his next step toward graduate studies in trumpet performance at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. “The special something about the Luther faculty is that I feel comfortable reaching out to any of them who taught me if I ever need guidance,” he said. Since obtaining his master’s degree, Flint is now a doctoral student at Florida State University.

Valuable Experience Outside the Classroom

At Luther, Flint learned in more ways than one. He developed skills through his work study position and co-curricular activities, both inside and outside the music department. One of the things that drew Flint to Luther was the unique ability to participate fully in both music and athletics.

“As a music office student worker, I gained a broader perspective on the logistics of how a music program is run, which was invaluable when I started teaching,” he says. Flint was also able to broaden his life experiences through participating in ensembles, serving on the leadership team for the Pep Band, running track and field, and acting as a jazz DJ for KWLC, Luther’s own radio station.

Advice for Future Norse

A Luther experience allows you to pivot in life toward what fulfills you most, and Flint is a prime example of that. He suggests that students take every advantage of their special time at Luther. “Make friends with new people, take classes that you never thought you’d take, explore creative projects, and push yourself in new directions. Luther helped me grow professionally, academically, and most importantly, as a person.”