An internship is one of the best ways for college students to gain new skills, build their social and professional network, and explore and confirm career goals.

The Luther College Career Center is here to help you discover internship opportunities, navigate academic credits, find funding opportunities, and more.


The Career Center provides Luther College students with access to the subscription-based tool What Can I Do With This Major?

Reasons to Consider an Internship

Internships are a valuable part of the learning process at Luther College. They offer opportunities to:

  • Apply your classroom learning
  • Make connections
  • Improve your professional communication skills
  • See if a particular career field is right for you
  • Engage in intentional reflection
  • Add additional experience to your transcript
  • Potentially turn into a fulltime job offer post-graduation
  • All Students: Regularly check Handshake and LinkedIn Internship to search for internship opportunities in your field.
  • International Students: Also regularly check Interstride using your Luther single sign-on (SSO) for open positions, advice, and tailored resources.
  • American Institute for Physics a link to internship opportunities for physics majors
  • ArtSEARCH provides internship listings with a variety of organizations in both the visual and performing arts
  • Back Door Jobs guide to short-term job adventures, internships and study experiences
  • CDS International Internships non-profit organization that promotes international understanding through cross-cultural, on-the-job, practical training exchanges for students and professionals
  • Dubuque, Iowa area opportunities explore this site to learn what the Dubuque area has to offer
  • Environmental Research check out Earthwatch. This institute engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. Internship and job availability can be found at their web site.
  • Idealist directory of non-profit and volunteering resources on the web
  • Institute for Experiential Learning work in the nation’s capital, investigate a career, meet today’s leaders, and participate in an experience that will enrich your life, while earning college credit
  • International Internships Directory is an excellent reference guide for students seeking international internship opportunities offered by two- and four-year colleges and universities, governmental agencies, non-profit groups, private organizations, and corporations.
  • offers up-to-date listings of internships in various geographic regions, part-time or full-time, with public and private organizations, and seasonal or year-round opportunities that are paid and unpaid.
  • This website is targeted for rising sophomores with at least a 2.8 GPA from ethnically under-represented groups. Companies have varying requirements for GPA. Opportunities posted are STEM-related positions in all sectors; financial, marketing, software, not-for-profits, and real estate as of now. There are no fees to register for using this internship posting site.
  • Library of Congress Provides a wide range of interesting internship opportunities including experiences for students interested in public policy research.
  • Resort Intern Connections bringing together the best and brightest students from across the country and joining them with the best forward thinking, dynamic organizations in the resort, travel, and tourism fields in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.
  • Smithsonian opportunities for internships in one of the world’s best museum systems.
  • TV Jobs Broadcast Employment Services internship information
  • U.S. State Department Internships get experience in foreign affairs working in Washington, DC, or an embassy overseas
  • Washington Center provides internship programs and academic seminars

Create Your Own Internship

Many students who participate in an internship have done so through their willingness to approach a potential site and offer themselves as a possible intern. Many organizations do not have formal internship programs, and others have simply not considered hiring an intern before.

If you know the type of experience you are seeking and the type of organization in which you would like to get this experience, then simply approaching them may be a viable and fruitful option.

Want to talk with someone about creating your own internship?

Make an appointment at the Career Center

The Internship Manager would be happy to help, along with our other full-time staff!


Credit-Based Internships

Registration Process

  1. Identify a faculty member to serve as your faculty supervisor for your internship by reaching out to someone in the department.
    1. **International students must select a faculty member within your major because you are required to earn credit within your major for any internship in order to be in compliance with CPT.**
  2. To begin registration, log in to Handshake (
  3. Click on “Luther College Career Center” below the top banner.
  4. Click on the “Experiences” button below the top banner.
  5. Select “Submit an Experience” at the top of the page. For each section, follow the instructions below.
    1. Details: Please follow these instructions:
      1. Experience Template (select one of the following):
        1. Domestic Students: “Domestic Students Dept. Internship Registration”
        2. International Students: “International Students Dept. Internship Registration”
      2. Term
        1. Select the semester in which you’ll be completing your internship.
        2. Note: There are three options for summer: Session One, Session Two, or (Full)
    2. Organization: The first field with an asterisk is the only required field, but you are welcome to enter additional information.
    3. Experience
      1. Experience: Internship
      2. Department: Academic dept. In which you’ll be earning credit
      3. Date: First and last day you’ll be working at/for the employer
  6. Click the green “Submit an experience” button at the bottom of the page.
  7. You’re done!

Credit-based internships are recorded on your transcript. Generally you will earn 1 semester credit hour for 36 hours of work at your internship site—there are a few exceptions so be sure to check with your department.

Approval Process

*The following offices will be notified of your submission (in this order) and will approve it:

  1. Career Center
  2. Faculty supervisor (will add critical info. such as the number of credits/how it will be graded)
  3. Registrar’s Office (will officially register you in NorseHub)
  4. PDSO in CIES (**international students only**–this prompts the CPT process)

Summer School Only

You must complete the Registrar’s summer school application form (available in Career Center or Registrar’s Office).

Biology Students Only

Your registration process is different and runs through the Biology Department.

Contact Dr. Enos-Berlage ( or Michelle Einck (; or stop by the biology office at Sampson Hoffland 231 to get your forms and discuss registration. You will turn in your completed forms to the biology office and the Career Center.

Pre, Primary, or Secondary School Sites

You must consult with the Education Department for approval. Luther may already have a “letter of agreement” with that school regarding Luther students doing observation and teaching there.

Outside the U.S.

You must inform the Center for Global Learning and participate in pre-departure training.

International Students

You must ensure that you are in regular communication with your DSO contact in the CIES Office to ensure any necessary CPT/I-20 paperwork is completed.

If you have any questions about credit-based internships, don’t hesitate to stop by the Career Center or email We are happy to help!

Non Credit-Based Internships

Please report your internship to the Career Center for our yearly internship statistics; it helps prospective and current students learn about what’s possible for them! Stop by our office or email with your name, your major, the name and location of your internship site, and a brief description of what you will be doing.

  • Arranged between you and the employer.
  • A non-credit internship will not be recorded on your transcript.

Unpaid vs. Paid Internships

If you are doing an unpaid internship, you will want to consider the following guidelines set by the Department of Labor to prevent employers from using interns as “unpaid labor”:

The guidelines are as follows:

  • Your internship should be an extension of your classroom education.
  • Your work activities should be related to your career goals.
  • Your employer should not use your intern position to offset the need for another employee.
  • You should be assigned a mentor.

If you have a paid internship, you should be compensated at a rate of minimum wage or higher.

Funding Your Internship

Luther College is pleased to offer internship funding to students to help them pursue educational/vocational internships for J-term and summer terms. This includes internships with for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Any student currently enrolled at Luther may apply for J-term or summer internship funding of up to $2,000 over the course of their four years at Luther. Since our funding is limited, the application process is competitive. Our goal is to fund as many internships as possible, with the resources we have available.

The priority deadline for completed applications is due on April 15th. 

Please complete our Internship Scholarship Application. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. Additionally, late applications will only be considered if funding is still available after the initial internship applications have been processed.

International students who are also Davis Scholars have two funds available to them that should be used prior to applying for internship funds with the Career Center. If this applies to you, please visit the CIES Office for application instructions.

Please contact the Career Center at 563 387-1025 if you have any questions.


Internship Information for International Students

All international students who participate in an internship within the U.S. are required to register for academic credit within their major. You should go through the CPT application process with the CIES Office. In collaboration with the Center for Intercultural Engagement and Support staff, we will ensure that you have filed the appropriate forms allowing you to participate in an internship.

Please browse the following links. You’ll find information about choosing a major, pursuing an internship, seeking employment, and applying to graduate school.

Learn more about how to maintain your visa status as it relates to internship and employment options.

Please come visit us in person as well. In partnership with the services provided to you by the Center for Intercultural Engagement and Student Success, we look forward to working with you!

Visit Interstride, a platform designed for international students that highlights internships and jobs that will accept CPT/OPT. It also has a nice set of other helpful resources.