Applied Leadership Studies


Learn to intentionally and effectively influence individuals, teams, communities, and organizations. Understand how to use your skills and knowledge for strategic purpose.

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Why Pursue Applied Leadership Studies?

Learning about various leadership styles and how you can become an effective leader has many benefits. A solid foundation of leadership can help you:

  • Find a job
  • Experience personal growth
  • Develop relationships both personally and professionally
  • Gain the confidence to pursue new opportunities
  • Accept change in a positive and constructive way
  • Influence others to embrace change as an opportunity
  • Understand how to think more clearly about yourself and others

Why Pursue Applied Leadership Studies at Luther?

Luther’s applied leadership studies minor will improve your ability to effectively lead. You will learn about theories and practical applications of leadership that can be applied to yourself, teams, communities, and organizations. The minor includes experiential learning opportunities that support what you study in the classroom.

The applied leadership studies minor includes a sequenced concentration of coursework. This learning process addresses the application of leadership concepts through practical, real-world experiences. Faculty will guide you in developing knowledge, purpose, and confidence. They will help you in your personal development of an effective leadership style.

Program Highlights

Real-World Experience

Complete one or two internships in a working environment of your choice. You will evaluate and practice the leadership principles and strategies you have learned.

Independent Learning Opportunities

Experience a variety of instructional methods including lectures, classroom discussion, guest speakers, leadership assessment techniques, research evaluation, reading assignments, media presentations, and directed opportunity to share individual perspective.

Prescriptive Academic Study

An applied leadership studies minor engages you in a sequenced concentration of coursework grounded in experiential learning and relevant practice.

What You’ll Learn

As an applied leadership studies minor, you’ll:

  • Study the principles and actions relating to effective leadership practices
  • Examine leadership styles and how effective planning influences decision-making processes
  • Gain an understanding of leadership behavior in the context of personal skills, relational dynamics, community development, and vocational application
  • Identify common themes and actions of successful leadership plans
  • Learn to recognize measurable change in education, behavior, and societal perspective

Lectures, class discussion, readings, media, guest speakers, and experiential activities reinforce course content. A required internship is also integrated into the minor. This provides relevant and personalized hands-on experience and life-skill development. All experiential learning opportunities take place in working environments that complement your professional ambitions and interests.

The applied leadership studies minor at Luther complements the diverse array of academic disciplines Luther offers. It also enhances professional opportunities, graduate school pursuits, and personal growth.


Careers and Outcomes

Graduates with an applied leadership studies minor can apply their knowledge and skills to virtually any career path.

Career Fields

  • Manager and/or director of athletic services
  • Director of recreational services
  • Community directorships
  • Human service professionals
  • Healthcare services and administration
  • Public and private school administration and instruction
  • Health and wellness professionals
  • Corporate management
  • Non-profit administration
  • Organizational development professional
  • Management of communication services


  • Corporate administrations
  • K-12 school systems
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Emotional health agencies
  • Recreational and occupational therapy departments
  • Social service agencies
  • Colleges and universities
  • Law firms
  • Sports programs
  • Small entrepreneurial businesses
  • Community and regional governing bodies
  • Multifaceted recreational service businesses

A Great Complement to Many Majors

The applied leadership studies minor complements many areas of study. Luther students from a wide variety of degree programs are enrolled in the minor.

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