Graduation Information: Class of 2017

Graduation seems far away but believe it or not, your senior year will go by quickly and the ceremony will be just around the corner. To prepare for graduation, we need you to do the following:

1) Fill out the Graduation Application form. This form has been sent to you in the mail but for those of you who did not receive one, you can stop by our office and fill out a copy or submit the information electronically at Graduation Application. If you plan to be a member of the class of 2017, this form must be filled out and returned to us by Thursday, October 13, 2016. We do not assess a graduation fee.

There is only one commencement ceremony held each year, in May. To be considered a member of the class of 2017, and thus eligible to attend the ceremony, you must have earned 116 hours by the end of May, 2017. That is the only requirement for participation. Do you have to attend the ceremony? No, but you are expected to do so unless you tell us otherwise. Regardless, you must fill out the Graduation Application since we need to know the following:

  • When do you plan to complete all of the requirements for your BA degree? There are 6 grad dates at Luther in each academic year. They are: last day of fall semester, last day of January term, last day of spring semester, last day of summer session I, II, and III.
  • Do you plan to be present at the ceremony? You only get one chance to do so. If you decide not to come or fail to show up, you cannot attend the following year.
  • How do you want your name to appear on your diploma? You are issued only one diploma so think carefully about how you want your name to look (use your legal name, middle name, middle initial, etc?)

2) Declare your major(s) and minor(s). You cannot graduate with a major or minor that you have not first declared through our office. To declare a major, go to the Declaration of Major/Minor Form.

3) Review your program evaluation on Make sure you can complete your degree by the date you indicated on your graduation application. There is a difference between the commencement date (which is the date set for the ceremony each spring) and your graduation date (which is the date that you will complete all of your degree requirements and always falls on the last day of a term).

4) Watch for graduation/commencement information. Various offices will be sending information to your SPO throughout the year regarding graduation and the commencement ceremony. Information will be sent only to those students who have filled out a graduation application.

Please note: To graduate with honors (summa cum laude, magna cum laude, cum laude), you must complete at least 64 credit hours at Luther. Honors listed in the May commencement program are based on grades up to, but not including, the spring semester. Final honors status is determined after all Luther grades have been added to your record. Transfer coursework does not affect your Luther GPA.