Computer Science

"The computer science department at Luther College offers a unique opportunity to learn with professors who have experience working for programming companies, allowing them to teach you exactly what you need to know to succeed in the workplace instead of just learning material from a textbook." Hunter Lynch, '16

Computer Science is a field that is both creative and rewarding. The ever-changing field leads to a lifetime of learning. The computer science major at Luther is designed to provide each student with the academic base needed to keep abreast of this constantly evolving world of computer programming. At Luther, both theory and practice are taught to allow students to successfully join computer professionals already working in the field.

New Data Science Major and Minor

If you’re interested in using our world’s vast stores of data to solve problems, predict outcomes, and make better decisions, data science is for you. A truly interdisciplinary area of study, Luther’s new data science major intersects with subjects such as biology, management, and communications to prepare you to solve real-world problems using Big Data. Learn more about how to become part of this exciting emerging field.

Hands-On Learning

Luther computer science majors and minors have many opportunities to put their newfound knowledge to work. Internships with companies such as IBM, EPIC, and Mayo Clinic provide amazing experiences and can lead to a fulfilling job after graduation. Undergraduate research gives students an opportunity to dive deep into a specific topic alongside a professor. Finally, students have the opportunity to visit successful technology companies and meet alumni working in Silicon Valley during January-Term. It’s a trip of a lifetime!