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Luther Professors Deb Norland and Michael Engelhardt

'Displacement, Fear and Hope: The Impermanence of Place for Syrian Refugees'

For decades, Syria was a stable, though repressive, Middle Eastern dictatorship, much like many other states in the region. In 2010, stability gave way to a civil war, which triggered a massive outflow of refugees. Michael Engelhardt, Luther College professor of political science, and Deborah Norland, Luther College professor of education, will discuss the flight of Syrian refugees from their homeland at 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 29, in the Center for Faith and Life Recital Hall on the Luther campus.

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Gereon Kopf, Luther College professor of religion

Do we really know what we are doing?

Do we choose inclusion or exclusion? Do we choose the compassion of tolerance or the irascibility of hubris? Will we be a nation that seeks solutions for those in need or will we indulge in rhetoric and forget the past? Professor Kopf argues that the key lies in our awareness of the shortcomings of our communities and ourselves.

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Interfaith Symposium, March 2 - 3

Luther will host an Interfaith Symposium on March 2 and 3. The event will feature worship services, Q&A sessions, and a panel discussion with Paul Knitter, Malcolm Nazareth, and Najeeba Syeed.

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Gereon Kopf T

'Shape-Shifting Identities' Religion Forum lecture with Gereon Kopf Feb. 9

In times of change and uncertainty, human minds turn towards the age-old questions that have plagued them since the beginning of human thought. Who are we? Why are we here? And what are we here for? Gereon Kopf, Luther College professor of religion, will discuss how we develop identities and their psychological, political, moral and religious dimensions at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9, in the Center for Faith and Life Recital Hall on the Luther campus.

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Rob Shedinger

Be a light to the rest of the nation

Shedinger grants us access to a guest column recently printed in the Cedar Rapids Gazette. He implores us, "... my interfaith Christmas wish is that my fellow Iowans — especially those who are Christian — will use this season of peace, joy and goodwill to be a light to the rest of the nation"

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