Exploring psychological science in the classroom, laboratory, and life.

Why Study Psychology at Luther?

You’ll learn from experienced, active scientists. The psychology faculty at Luther perform research in their areas of expertise.  This helps them be better teachers in the classroom, and it provides students with opportunities to collaborate in their research. 

You’ll discover how to ask critical questions when studying the “why” and “how" of psychology. Then, you’ll learn how to answer them using the scientific method.

Many of our psychology students complete internships as part of their major. This helps discern what kind of career is the right fit you and can provide excellent experience for graduate school.  

Why Study Psychology?

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Ross Szabo's lecture on mental health called "Behind Happy Face."
Student and faculty working together
Luther students work on a group project for a psychology class.
Department of Psychology
A Psychology major is conducting research on behavioral differences between foster dogs and non-foster dogs.

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