Vehicle & Bicycle Registration Permits and Violation Notice Appeals

Luther College wishes to provide an environment in which individuals can operate vehicles and bicycles in a way that is consistent with having a healthy, safe and convenient campus environment for all.  The registration and parking program is designed to provide:

  • A maximum parking area consistent with the maintenance of the natural beauty of the campus
  • The use of available parking space in the best interests of the whole college
  • The achievement of as equitable an arrangement as possible for allocating parking privileges to students on the basis of residence in relation to distance from the campus

If you have or plan to have a vehicle or bicycle in the Decorah area, they must be registered. Please complete the online registration form(s) and your permit sticker will be made available to you via campus mail.

Vehicle & Bicycle Policy & Regulations

Student Vehicle Registration

The student motor vehicle registration permit fee is $250 per academic year.  A commuter permit is $230 per year.  A reduced parking permit, usable exclusively for the lot in front of Ashmore-Jewell Barn, is $150.  Registration is online via the link below.  Billing will be to your Student Account.  Registration permit stickers are delivered to the registering party by campus mail.  Only a student can register a vehicle.

StUDENT Vehicle Registration

Faculty and Staff Vehicle Registration

Faculty and staff may register vehicles at no charge as a benefit of employment. Faculty and staff vehicles parked in areas not designated for faculty/staff use will be ticketed, however.  Registration permit stickers are delivered to the registering party by campus mail.

Faculty/Staff Vehicle Registration

Bicycle Registration

Faculty, staff, and students must register at no charge all bicycles intended to be used on campus.

BICYCLe Registration

Persons with Disabilities Permits (Temporary)

Anyone with a temporary condition that may limit their mobility may apply with Disability Services for a campus Disabled Parking permit. This permit is temporary and limited in nature and does not meet the requirements to allow parking in spots designated for persons with disabilities under state law. The campus temporary Disabled Parking permit will allow the user to park in visitor parking and any other legal parking space, excluding designated disability spaces on campus, to gain access to their destination. This permit does not grant permission to utilize specific, named spaces reserved for specific individuals or work groups. Those who require long term mobility access are encouraged to seek a state issued permit.


Violation Citation (Ticket) Appeal Process

A staff member, faculty member, student, or visitor may appeal violation citations to the Traffic Hearing Board by completing the online appeal form within ten days of the issuance of the notice of citation.