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"Know the Score" is the official blog of the Luther College Music Department. Students, faculty, and staff provide content on music tours, concerts, recitals and scholarship happening on and away from Luther's Decorah, Iowa campus.

Weston Noble

Weston Noble Alumni Choir concerts in Decorah and Austin

The Weston Noble Alumni Choir will gather in Decorah starting July 20 for its eighth reunion and concert. The choir, representing Luther classes from 1949 to 2013, will meet for five days of intense rehearsals culminating in two concerts. The choir will give performances in Decorah, Iowa, and Austin, Minnesota, this year.

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DYI Jenson-Noble

DIY In-Home Jenson-Noble

It’s that time of year. The temperature is prime for walks to Whippy Dip, juries are done, and the Showcase Concerts are the only events left on the performance calendar. While the end of the school year is very exciting, we know for many of you who regularly find yourselves in the music building that at some point this summer you're bound to contract a serious case of the "I-Miss-Jenson-Blues." To ease the pain of being gone for three months from your second home here at Luther, these DIY guidelines will help you create your very own in-home Jenson-Noble for those times when you just need a little dose of Luther College Music culture.

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Alexandra Robinson, bassoon

A Little Secret from the Opera Pit

I'll let you in on a little secret: opera tech week is my favorite week.

It's a secret because I don't think it's supposed to be anyone's favorite – to say that it's a lot of work is a bit of an understatement. I think I speak for both the singers and the pit orchestra musicians when I say how much we love to complain about it; debriefing the late nights and long rehearsals deep within the trenches of the CFL pit is certainly a bonding ritual that occurs every year. It's always the same: repetitive, monotonous, and exhausting. Not to mention that the woodwind section of the pit is without a doubt the worst seat in the house.

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Gianni Schicchi Spring Opera

Luther College students to perform in Spring Opera

The Luther College Music Department will present two one-act operas by Giacomo Puccini: "Sister Angelica" and "Gianni Schicchi." Thought by many to be the quintessential Italian opera composer, Puccini's penchant for writing beautiful melodies and for breathing musical life into a story are on full display in these two works.

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