Marriages, Births, and Adoptions



Amy Hochberg and Paul Black, Jan. 2023


Dijana and Paul Seffrood, Nov. 2022


Sally Ripple and Tony Clarke, Jan. 2024


Lara Tills and Gary Haines, Sept. 2023


Marcy Howerter and Rick Waller, Aug. 2023


Ashley Johnson and Dan Bonk, Sept. 2022


Lauren Nielsen and Anders Bloomquist, Oct. 2023


Caitlin Auer and Kevin Knutson, June 2021

Jayne Cole and Christopher Southard, Sept. 2023

Andrea Kayser and Dan Etter, Feb. 2022

Jenna Hoge and Samuel Smith, Sept. 2023

Bridget Keenan and Brad Beale, July 2023

Terra Kruger and Tim Acri, May 2022

Minh Nguyen and Ngoc Huong, Sept. 2023


Mary Lieberman and Kolin Walker, Dec. 2023

Sarah Matthiesen and Matt Haechrel, Sept. 2023

Tanya Meyer and Tyler Kohnen, Oct. 2022


Maya Hansen and Zack Ziegler, July 2022

Carly Rusek and Matthew Peterson ’17, Nov. 2023

Jessica Speicher and Sam Johnson, Aug. 2022


Maria Kaczmarek and Brett Baum, Nov. 2023


Paige Dolan and Joseph (Tiegen) Doegen, Aug. 2022

Emily Green and Nathan Baldwin ’19, July 2022


Keanna Belau and Andrew Johnson, Sept. 2022

Ananda Easley and Brian Lettner, Aug. 2022

Kia Feia and Izzac Suarez ’18, June 2023

Erin Hocker and Andrew Betts ’17, July 2023

Leah Hunt and Joey Cardamon, Feb. 2024

Taylor Olstadt and Zane Kittleson, June 2022

Jana Mueller and Zachary Stowers, Sept. 2023

Molly Matthes and Brian Murman, Sept. 2022

Alexis Brown and Lucas Ruge-Jones, Oct. 2022

Sommer Stevens and Jake Vogt, Sept. 2023

Emily Steinbach and Dan Swehla, Jan. 2022


Monica Barron and Blake Naylor, Nov. 2022


Addyson Bixby and Shane Holmstrom ’22, Nov. 2022


Hailey Becker and Ian Clear, July 2023

Births and Adoptions


Jack, July 2023, child of Dijana and Paul Seffrood


Brielle Lee, Sept. 2022, child of Bridget and Bradley Nussdorfer


Anders, Dec. 2023, child of Lindy Buck and Mike Nadeau

Julian, Sept. 2023, child of Hilary Hinrichs and Joseph France Jr.

Phineas, Dec. 2022, child of Kaeleigh and Jon Trullinger


Kaanin, Sept. 2013, adopted Jan. 2023, child of Michelle (Kohlmann) and Nicholas Bonifazi ’05

Katalina, May 2018, adopted Jan. 2023, child of Michelle (Kohlmann) and Nicholas Bonifazi ’05

Turner, Feb. 2023, child of Kelsey (Eisenmann) and Kent Shook


Sofie, May 2023, child of Helga Kaasin and Joey Corbin


Bryson, Sept. 2023, child of Morgan (Marlow) and Tim Fechner

Hannah Lucille, July 2023, child of Rebekah (Stadie) and Chris Shepard

Hattie, Jan. 2024, child of Gaoxue (Her) and Alex Stoppel

Marcus Robert, June 2023, child of Ashley (Johnson) and Dan Bonk

Penelope, Sept. 2023, child of Brittany Schwefel and Aaron Peterson

William, May 2023, child of Randall and Jack Franson


Caylee, Oct. 2023, child of Shannon and Ryan Klompenhower

Espen, Aug. 2023, child of Kelsey (Balk) and Jordan Grimm

Harper, May 2023, child of Kelsey (Leppert) and Kody Sjoblom

Nels, Aug. 2023, child of Kelsey (Balk) and Jordan Grimm


Axel René, Dec. 2023, child of Michelle Boursier and Sam Felt

Elizabeth, Dec. 2023, child of Kristi (Wietecha) and Michael Muston

Jordan Roy, Feb. 2023, child of Haylie (Fercho) and Matthew Schmit


Holden, Oct. 2023, child of Emily (Banitt) and Nate Conery


Alora Elouise, Feb. 2023, child of Amanda (Take) and Elijah Ungs

Ava, Feb. 2023, child of Haley (Veith) Brackett

Beckett, Nov. 2021, child of Anna (Derdzinski) and Alan Banks

Benjamin, April 2023, child of Rachel (Woolsey) and Alex Perry

Bo Douglas, July 2023, child of Jennifer (Vaith) and Del Ciucci

Courtney, April 2023, child of Caitlin (Auer) and Kevin Knutson

Emilia, Oct. 2023, child of Alex (Dallman) and Dylan Essing

Freya, Dec. 2021, child of Emily (Pappas) and Logan Strusz

Garrett, Aug. 2023, child of Anna (Derdzinski) and Alan Banks

Gus, Dec. 2023, child of Kayla (Uphoff) and Vaughn Tackmann ’11

Henry, Nov. 2021, child of Hannah and Jake Fox

Isaac, Feb. 2022, child of Martha Crippen and Ian O’Neill

Jaden, July 2022, child of Jaimie (Rasmussen) and Aaron Burk ’12

Kalvin, April 2023, child of Caitlin (Auer) and Kevin Knutson

Kendall, March 2023, child of Becca (Girvan) and Matt Zellmer ’13

Kinsley Ann, Aug. 2023, child of Hannah (Taylor) and Jedidiah Martin

Kyla Alexandra, July 2022, child of Hannah (Taylor) and Jedidiah Martin

Lenora, May 2022, child of Becca (Dugdale) and Jim Cochrane

Maddie, Dec. 2022, child of Sarah (Nicla) and Nick Harrison

Owen, March 2022, child of Taylor (Johnson) and Ryan Ledvina

Rose, Jan. 2022, child of Marita (May) and Connor O’Connell

Sam, Dec. 2021, child of Katie and Austin Bauer


Micah, July 2023, child of Maya (Hansen) and Zack Ziegler


Vivian Rae, Nov. 2023, child of Tori (Sandeno) and Jake Wulff


Sema Mary, June 2023, child of Emily (Marlow) and Bilo Yuce


Ollie Jay, Dec. 2023, child of Emmy (Buntrock) and Dillon Bloomquist