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Update: Ability to Place Holds Restored for All Users

Update (9/11/2020):
All user accounts are now set up to allow login to the library system. To learn more about requesting print materials, see the "Access to print materials" section of our Fall 2020 guide.

First-year students - we have recently discovered that our library system accounts for new users are not set up properly, and will not allow you to log in to place a hold on a book you'd like to check out.

Hot Reads for Cold Nights 2019

When it’s bitter cold outside and the sun is out for only a few hours a day, the best way to pass the time is to curl up with a cozy blanket, cup of hot cocoa, and get lost in a great book.

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The Library's Statement on Inclusion

Preus Library stands in solidarity with campus community members who protest hate and fight for equity, diversity and inclusion. We affirm that libraries are for everyone, and we strive to create a space in which all feel welcome and safe.

No matter the venue or the circumstance, we condemn any form of intimidation or discrimination based on culture, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Our differences should be celebrated, and mutual respect and understanding should serve as the norms within our society.

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What is Net Neutrality?

Preus Library is hosting a display exploring the key terms and arguments in the debate over how the Internet should be run.

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New Guidelines for Using Film in Courses

A Task Force on Use of Film in Instruction reviewed current practice and options for streaming film for courses. There are new policies that may impact course syllabi, as well as a set of guidelines to help instructors navigate their options.

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Norse Reader's Guide--Fall 2016 Edition

The Norse Reader's Guide is a reading list that spans the Luther community. For our Fall Edition, we reached out to Carly Foster, Justin Sprung, and Elaine Bossard to recommend a book that they are reading outside their academic courses or research. The recommendations are found within.

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