• Crowds, Culture, and Cuisine: the Ancient and Modern City

Paideia 450: Italy & France

The Catacombs in Paris

Paris Catacombs

In this post Stuart Dybdahl explains his tour through the dark, damp catacombs in Paris. The sight of human remains that is open to the public is an iconic visit. Stuart explains the history of the catacombs from their transformation to a grave from a quarry and what he saw underneath the modern city that is the resting place for millions of bodies. 

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psychedelic room

First Free Day in Paris

The class just spent their first free day in Paris. With no scheduled museum visits, it was up to the students to navigate the city and to pick their agenda of museums and monuments. Kate Bjerke details her self-guided tour through an art museum and listening to a French teacher speak about his experience in the suburbs of the largest city in the country.

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Ben Stofferahn sitting among the amphitheater ruins in Lyon

Another Day in Paris

The class got to visit the iconic Louvre museum and was given the afternoon off to explore more Parisian monuments. Ben Stofferahn details his trip through disorienting maze of the Louvre and down into the crypts of the French Pantheon.

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Kate Bjerke admiring a statue in Bellecour of Lyon

Day Three in Paris

The class has completed its third full day in Paris and has already seen many monuments, museums, and historical landmarks. Tiffany Ackerman explains the class' third day in the city and her own experience walking through Paris.

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Saturday Market in Lyon

The Road to Paris

The class is now on its last leg of their trek across western Europe. Now in Paris, the class has rode plans to visit historical museums and monuments. Ashley Swanson writes about the journey by bus from Lyon to Paris and the brief tour Professors Caldwell and Simpson upon arrival.

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Saone Footbridge in Lyon

The Class Tour in Lyon

On the third leg of the course, the class stopped in Lyon. Taylor Kaare and Logan Kochendorfer describe their Saturday in Lyon traveling to local food markets and to a museum of the French resistance movement during World War II.

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Fiesole and Florence: Our last day in Italy

On their last day in Italy, the student took don't age of their free time to roam around and see the city for themselves. Sarah Forsythe details here last day spent walking through Florence and getting a rare view of the city from the neighboring town of Fiesole before having to depart for France the next day.

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We Have Arrived in Lyon!

We arrived early this afternoon to the lovely city of Lyon and have already experienced a little bit of French life!

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