What to Expect from a Campus Bookstore

Read all about why a campus bookstore will become important to you as a college student:

Source for Course Materials

Student success is the key driver when discussing textbooks and other course materials. Having the textbooks available that your professors request and in as many formats as possible is the goal. A particular title may be available as new, used, rental or digital. You choose the format that leads to your best learning. Maybe your accounting textbook is best for you as a printed option, but your English Literature books are digital. You choose!

Having format options leads to another great benefit, affordability. If you know you do not want to keep a particular book for your personal library after your class has ended, rental or digital are great options. Typically, these two delivery methods are less expensive compared to purchasing.

How do I get my course materials? Your college bookstore's website will list the items you need for each particular course. This information is available for viewing when you register for classes. Closer to the start of the term you will be able to purchase them either online or by physically coming to the store. Again, you choose!

What Your Campus Bookstore Sells

From batteries, a greeting card for mom, cough drops, lanyards, or sweatshirt for dad, your campus bookstore has you covered. No reason to go off-campus when all you need is a 3-ring binder and a box of Kleenex. Quick and fast, everyone loves that!

College apparel is not only comfy but shows your school spirit. Studying in sweatpants and an oversized hood just feels good. And, you're going from your high school mascot to a new mascot. You have worked incredibly hard to get to this point and weighed all the pros and cons. Your college is your new home away from home and you're proud to show this by the clothing you wear and the water bottle you carry.

Give Me a break "¦ Literally

When in need of a study break, it's best to move around and give your mind a rest. Try walking to your campus store. Check out what's new, see what you just cannot live without, and plan your gift giving strategy for your friends and family. If you're lucky, your campus store will have an event under way. Perhaps an author reading, chocolate on Valentine's Day, or maybe a goofy game during finals week that takes your mind off studying for just a bit. It's always good to take a study break so why not check out your campus store.

Your campus bookstore can be your "go-to" place for all your needs whether educational tools, merchandise, fun events, and information. Check out all your campus bookstore has to offer.