The Do’s and Don’ts of Residential Life

Being prepared and getting along well with others is key to being comfortable at college. Check out these do’s and don’ts to make you feel like it’s your home away from home.


  • Decorate and make your room feel like it’s yours! Contact your roommates before you get to school and coordinate what to bring!
  • Avoid damage charges from nail holes by using Command strips to hang everything!
  • Attend your resident assistant’s (RA’s) floor programs. It’s the best way to meet your neighbors and make you feel at home!
  • Try new things twice. The first time you might be nervous but the second time you will feel more confident! Whether it’s a club, intramural sports,  or volunteer groups“”always try it twice!
  • Bring shower shoes. Flip flops or crocs are a must for common bathrooms!
  • Lay down some ground rules for your room with your roommates! In the fall, you may want to fill out a roommate contract“”which may sound silly“”but it helps everyone decide who takes out the trash or if it’s okay to share food.
  • Introduce yourself to the custodians. They keep your halls clean. Plus if you ever need cleaning supplies, they can usually help you out!
  • Find your favorite study spot in the hall and mark times in your calendar to spend there! You are more likely to study if you are in a routine and feel comfortable in your surroundings.


  • Don’t overpack kitchen supplies. Residential hall service centers often have tons of pots and pans you can rent. Save yourself room in the car!
  • Avoid overloading the laundry machines! Students who try to save money by overloading the washers and dryers actually break the machines and don’t get clean/ dry clothes!
  • Don’t feel like you have to be busy all the time. Down time is incredibly important for your wellness.
  • Don’t leave your shower caddy or other belongings in the hallway since it may be taken to the lost and found! You don’t want to lose your loofah!
  • Don’t hesitate to use social lounges to hang out! Each hall with a social lounge is a place where students can watch movies, play games, or spend time with friends!
  • Don’t be embarrassed about homesickness or struggles with mental health! Talk to your RA, Hall Director, campus counseling service, or or other resources. They are all there to listen!