Simple Ways to Stay Active in College

Managing classes, homework, friends, and activities can make it challenging to stay fit in college.

But whether you played high school sports, are committed to a specific workout routine, or have never given much thought to physical exercise, here are some useful tips and fun activity options that can help you stay in shape in college:

Schedule your workout. Finding time to work out can be stressful when you’re a college student since there is always something going on. Scheduling your workout can help you prioritize physical activity with everything else you need to manage. Choose a time that’s suitable for you and make it part of your schedule.

Walk as much as you can. Walking can be one of the most time-effective and easiest ways to fit in physical activity when you’re in college. If weather permits and the places you usually frequent are relatively close by, choose walking instead of driving. Walking has a lot of health benefits and can also help you reduce your stress levels.

Check your college fitness program and find out what classes they offer. Colleges usually have a fitness program as part of their recreational services for students. Classes like Zumba and yoga can be a fun way to stay active. You might want to try Zumba if you enjoy dancing. Or, you might want to consider yoga if you prefer to improve your strength, balance, and flexibility. Both can be fun and entertaining ways to keep yourself fit and active!

Keep it fun. Don’t forget that changing up your workouts can help keep them interesting and provide ways to move different muscle groups. Consider activities like going on a bike ride, heading to the gym with friends (or alone), or playing a sport or outdoor game like volleyball, softball, or frisbee golf.

Join an intramural sport. Many colleges offer intramural sports and will vary depending on the season. Intramurals give students a chance to play a sport they’re interested in in a non-competitive environment. They provide the ability to participate in individual and/or team sports and offer a fun way to stay active on your own or with friends.

Set a fitness goal and try to stick to it. It’s as simple as building a specific amount of physical activity into your daily schedule. Set a goal to move for at least 60 minutes a day. Keep in mind, too, that it’s not just about burning calories; exercise can help improve your mood, mental health, and memory.