9 Things You Didn’t Know About Your College Admissions Counselor

Yep, we're the ones who send you all those emails. Here are 9 things you probably didn't know about your college admissions counselor:

1. We actually want to meet you in person!

Get to know you. 

When we have the chance to talk with you in person, we can get to know you and learn about what's important to you in your college search. The better we know you, the better we can serve you throughout the college search!        

2. We want to hear about your high school experience.

High school experience 

We know all the local rivalries, and we want to hear your take"”I mean, can you believe that East High crushed Washington in the semifinal game last week?!

3. We love finding local connections.

Finding local connections

It might seem boring to you, but we love finding out that your brother's-best friend's-cousin from two towns over went to our school!

4. We want you to give us your local recommendations.

Local recommendations 

We travel to high schools all over the state and love checking out what each town has to offer, so we need to know where you think the best coffee is found.

5. We live in your town!

We live in your town 

No"”seriously, some of us do! Regional admissions counselors live all over the country in cities away from their institutions and work with students in their local area. Christine lives in Des Moines and works with all of the students from central Iowa!

6. We're rooting for you to get an amazing standardized test score.

Rooting for you 

Whether it's the ACT or the SAT, we want you to get that scholarship, too!

7. We love how you keep us young. 

Keep us young 

Wait"”what does "lit" mean again?

8. We genuinely want you to find your perfect college fit.

College fit 

We want you to find the college that you're excited to call home, no matter where it is. Our job is to help you get there!

9. We want you to keep us updated on your college decision.

College decision 

It might feel like you're breaking up with us, but don't worry if your college choice is another institution. We are going to be super proud of you and your no future no matter what. (Aww!)