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Loren Toussaint, Luther College associate professor of psychology

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Forgiveness makes late-life sweeter

Studies show practicing forgiveness promotes longer life. Loren Toussaint and co-authors of "Forgiveness, Ego-Integrity, and Depressive Symptoms in Community-Dwelling and Residential Elderly Adults" discuss the benefits of forgiveness, especially in older individuals.

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Justice... not 'just us'

It's time to advance justice rather than situations of "just us." Guy Nave, Luther professor of religion, and his class wrestle with the idea of God as one who works from the bottom-up on behalf of many rather than one who works from the top-down on behalf of a few.

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Robert Vrtis

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Back from the Clown Farm

Learning by clowning around? Not quite, but take a look at learning through the eyes of a clown with Robert Vrtis and though you won't need a red nose, you may find that learning life lessons from a clown is deeper than you think.

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Rob Shedinger


Darwinian (Dis)analogies

Can natural selection create design without the existence of an Intelligent Designer? Luther Professor of Religion Robert Shedinger asks this and more in his newest blog post "Darwinian (Dis)analogies."

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A word for it: On being a teaching writer

Amy Weldon, Luther associate professor of English, writes about why "Being a writing teacher or a teaching writer is like being in a long marriage, where sometimes it's exciting and sometimes it's a drag and sometimes you have to work really hard to keep the spark alive amid the piles of email and dirty laundry and sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail and sometimes just staying in it is a triumph."

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Necromancy as a liberal art

Professor Todd Pedlar tries to teach the value of necromancy, not quite like Lord Sauron of J.R.R Tolkien fame... rather as a liberal art, to "communicate with the dead" through studying the past.

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Brad Miller

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The Accelerator and the Academy

Brad Miller, Luther associate professor of computer science, discusses where the worlds of the accelerator and the academy intersect, why he's so excited about it and how he hopes to help it along.

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