Professor Robert Shedinger to present religion forum lecture Feb. 15

Feb. 4, 2011

Robert Shedinger, associate professor of religion and head of the Luther religion department, will present the Luther Religion Forum Series lecture Tuesday, Feb. 15, at 7 p.m. in Room 102 of the Franklin W. Olin Building. 

The forum will be based on Shedinger's lecture titled "Is Islam a Religion? Religion, Politics and Islamic Revivalism in America."

"Some noted critics of Islam deny its status as a religion in order to deny Muslims First Amendment rights to the free exercise of their faith," said Shedinger. "They view Islam as purely a political ideology."

"Interesting though, is that Islamic revivalists, even in America, also deny the categorization of Islam as a religion."

In the forum, Shedinger will explore what Muslims mean when they deny the status of Islam as a religion and the implications of this for how we think about the categories of "religion" and "politics" and the relationship between them.

Shedinger holds the master of divinity degree from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the doctoral degree in religious studies from Temple University.

After the publication of his latest book, "Was Jesus a Muslim? Questioning Categories in the Study of Religion," Shedinger has been invited to speak in mosques in Detroit, Milwaukee, Raleigh, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Toronto and Las Vegas, giving him an inside look at a cross-section of American Muslim communities.

Robert Shedinger