CGL Mission Statement

The Luther Center for Global Learning—working in partnership with faculty, staff, and students—provides a variety of global experiences to connect the Luther community in educationally meaningful ways with the larger world.

We serve the Luther College community through:

International Admissions

  • Annually identifying, recruiting, and enrolling a talented and geographically diverse pool of 45-50 new international students and U.S. students living abroad, who join an on-campus community with the stated goal of approximately 150 international students from over 50 countries.
  • Ensuring cultural and economic diversity in the international student population through the strategic awarding of merit and need-based financial aid.
  • Sharing the Luther College story abroad by intentionally developing a network of "influencers," individuals such as secondary school counselors, education advisors, government officials, parents, alumni, and others who extend Luther's global reach.
  • Serving as the office responsible for the initial issuance of documents necessary to obtain the F1 student visa.
  • Partnering with the Development Office in identifying potential donors for international students and fostering relationships with donors that may lead to future scholarship support.

International and Off-Campus Programs

  • Encouraging all Luther students to undertake a meaningful off-campus experience through supporting yearlong, semester, J-Term, and summer courses, with the stated goal of at least two-thirds of Luther students engaging in a credit-bearing, international experience prior to graduation.
  • Providing support for students and faculty as they undertake a wide range of international experiential learning opportunities, including internships and research, student-teaching and practica, service-learning, and athletic team and music ensembles tours.
  • Providing effective administration and management of Luther's signature off-campus programs: the Nottingham Year, Malta and the Mediterranean Semester, Münster Semester, Washington Semester, Rochester Semester, Nottingham Summer Nursing Program, International Music Festival of the Adriatic, as well as the college's extensive J-Term off-campus course offerings.
  • Developing mutually beneficial relationships with partner programs, exchange institutions, and other organizations to provide a wider range of possible off-campus experiences for students.
  • Promoting off-campus engagement through effective student advising.
  • Structuring off-campus experiences in intentional ways to foster learning, enhance the acquisition of cultural competencies, develop global perspectives, and promote self-reflection.
  • Partnering with the Development Office in identifying potential donors for students on off-campus programs and fostering relationships with donors that may lead to future scholarship support.

Special Programs

  • Providing opportunities for students to enrich their on-campus learning through special off-campus programs, including the Davis Projects for Peace program.
  • Collaborating with other “centers” at Luther, including the Center for Ethics and Public Engagement, Center for Sustainable Communities, the Career Center, and the Center for Intercultural Engagement and Student Success in furthering Luther’s mission and goals.
  • Providing support to the work of academic programs at Luther, especially the International Studies and Global Health programs, through the CGL director’s involvement on the program boards.