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What can I study off campus?

Students can study almost any discipline. The humanities and social sciences provide the most opportunities. The sciences are also a possibility but require careful planning, preparation, and accurate information on courses available in the program. The type of courses students want to take determines the type of program they will choose. There are many options.

Language Majors

Students, especially language majors, want an in-depth cultural immersion in the language, literature, and life of a particular nation or culture. These students select a semester or year program that emphasizes language instruction and the opportunity to take other courses in the host nation language. These programs involve direct enrollment in a university or may be available in study abroad programs offered by an institution, based in the U.S., that works closely with the host university.

Programs with Courses in Your Major Taught in English in English-Speaking Nations

Other students are more interested in taking a semester or year program with courses in a particular discipline, usually their major, but also want to have an in-depth cultural immersion in the host nation. These students, usually non-language majors, select programs that rely on the English language for instruction at the host nation university. There are a variety of programs, including direct enrollment, in universities located in England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, or in one of several nations that were former colonies of England. Programs are available in most disciplines.

Discipline or Topical Courses Taught in English in
Non-English Speaking Nations

There are an increasing number of study abroad programs, taught in English, but located in a host nation where English is not the mother tongue. These programs have special courses developed for international students. They tend to create a small American enclave rather than offer an in-depth cultural immersion experience. These programs offer courses in a wide variety of disciplines or topics.

Regional-Based Luther Programs

Luther College semester and year-long programs either emphasize a language (for language majors) or the study of a region. The following programs: Nottingham Year, based in Nottingham, England; Malta and the Mediterranean, based in Sliema, Malta; Münster Program, based in Münster, Germany; and Earth and the Environment in Italy, based in Coldigioco, Italy offer courses related to the region. These programs offer courses designed to fulfill Luther graduation requirements, including religion, Paideia 450, and international studies.

January Term Courses

During the month of January, Luther offers 18 to 25 courses that are discipline based. Courses are offered by faculty in most disciplines over a three-year cycle. Students have the opportunity to study a topic in depth with a Luther College faculty leader. Students can also study with a January intensive month program offered through one of the Luther approved providers.

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