"Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt." -Ludwig Wittgenstein

Why Study German at Luther?

Express your ideas and identity in German from day 1. Luther's German courses allow you to explore your home culture in relation to the cultures of the German-speaking world. You won’t just learn to speak German, you'll develop your identity as a citizen of the world.

German opens doors. Speaking German expands your job possibilities and makes you attractive for many employers. Plus, our course offerings are flexible so it's possible to combine German with another major or even complete the major even if you don't start until your sophomore year.

Look forward to a semester abroad in Germany with Luther faculty. Open to all students of German at Luther, the Münster Program allows students to live with host families, become part of German culture, and travel as a group and independently.

Why Study German?

German for the 21st Century!

Our courses are more than learning about grammar, conjugating verbs, and studying vocabulary. They also incorporate contemporary culture, student interests, and questions that you have about your place in the world.

  • You'll learn about topics like German movies, music, or the refugee crisis.
  • Our annual course taught in English allows all students, no matter how much German they speak, to engage with issues such as sustainability, women in Germany, and the tumultuous German past.
  • No high school experience in German is required for the major. You can start with 101 and finish a major in time.
  • The study abroad component of the major and minor lets you apply your language skills and cultural knowledge in the wild!
  • Generous scholarships are available through the German program.

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Luther College Internships at Henkel Corporation

Henkel is a multinational company with global headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, and branches in the U.S. It produces laundry, home care, and personal care products, as well as adhesives. Well-known brands in the U.S. are: PUREX laundry detergent, DIAL soap, and LOCTITE adhesives. Henkel is one of the world’s leaders in Environmental Sustainability.

The Luther-Henkel Internship Program was established in 2014 through collaboration among Prof. Ruth Kath, former Luther Regent Dr. Richard F. Theiler '72 (retired Senior Vice President of Research and Design Henkel-USA), and Dr. Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum, Corporate Senior Vice President of Laundry & Home Care, Research & Development at Henkel AG & Co. Only two students are selected for the Luther-Henkel Internship program annually.

To date, six Luther College students have become participants in the Luther-Henkel Internship program. Read more.

Students in front of Neuschwanstein Castle.
Luther Münster participants on a trip in Wittenberg, Germany.
German students in Berlin.
Hiking in the Alps with Julia and her host family. The scenery was as amazing as the company.
Inside the Muenchen Cathedral.

Münster Semester 2020

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