Molly Wilker

Director of Undergraduate Research
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Office: Sampson Hoffland Lab 390D

Phone: 563-387-1123

Email: Send Email


Molly Wilker is an associate professor in the chemistry department. Some of her course topics include Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy, Thermodynamics, and Kinetics. Her research centers around semiconductor nanocrystals with a focus on understanding the surface chemistry of these unique materials.

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Chem 114: The Environment: A Chemical Perspective
A study of the environment with emphasis on the relationship between technology and our surroundings. The course is designed for non-science students with little science background.

Chem 151: Chemical Principles I
General course with laboratory intended primarily for students concentrating in the science area.

Chem 152: Chemical Principles II
General course with laboratory intended primarily for students concentrating in the science area.

Chem 351: Chemical Kinetics
An introduction to the area of chemistry involving the rates at which chemical reactions occur. Topics will include classical kinetics, kinetics of fast reactions, and enzyme kinetics.

Chem 361: Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy
An introduction to the formalism of quantum mechanics through the core quantum mechanical models of the particle in the box, the harmonic oscillator, the rigid rotor, and the hydrogen atom. Applications of these models are then made to describe various types of spectroscopy used to study chemical systems.

Chem 362: Thermodynamics
Mathematical treatment of the fundamental laws of thermodynamics and how those laws govern chemical and physical changes.

Chem 365: Spectroscopy and Separations Laboratory
A laboratory introduction to various types of spectroscopy and separation techniques and how they are used in the chemistry laboratory. Techniques will include UV/VIS, IR, fluorescence, and NMR spectroscopy, and liquid and gas phase chromatography.

Chem 366: Thermodynamics and Kinetics Laboratory
A laboratory introduction to the study of the energetics and rates of chemical reactions.

Chem 379: Inorganic Synthesis Laboratory
A laboratory introduction to the synthesis and characterization of inorganic compounds. Syntheses will include coordination and organometallic compounds of both historical and contemporary interest.

  • Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Ph.D. Thesis: Charge Transfer Dynamics in Complexes of Light-Absorbing CdS Nanorods and Redox Catalysts
  • B.A., Chemistry, Gustavus Adolphus College

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