Angela Kueny

Associate Professor of Nursing
Nursing Department Head

Office: Valders 243G

Phone: 563-387-1165



Education: Ph.D., Nursing, University of Iowa; M.S.N., University of Iowa; B.A., Nursing, Luther College

Angela Kueny has been a assistant professor in the nursing department since 2010. Her focused teaching areas include Management and Leadership in Nursing, Research for Evidence Based Practice, and Community Centered Care. Teaching experiences include both theory-based classroom education and clinical rotations in the community setting.

Academic Nursing Interests

  • Cultural and Diverse Perspectives in Health Care for Populations
  • Forgiveness in Early and Middle Childhood

NURS 473 Community-Centered Care

The study of the community and its population groups. Focus on levels of prevention in the use of the nursing process to promote, maintain and protect the health of individuals, groups and communities. The caring process is emphasized. Clinical experience is in schools, agencies, and community groups providing services in Northeast Iowa.

NURS 478 Health Care Management

A study and analysis of economic, social, political and ethical factors that affect management of human, technological, and financial resources in health service organizations. Includes the historical development of health care delivery and reform issues in the U.S. and selected other industrialized nations. There will be a particular focus on strategic and operational management of hospitals, long-term care facilities and home health care agencies. Rural versus urban issues will also be addressed.

NURS 368 Research Methods in Nursing

The research process as a problem-solving sub-tool of caring is studied. Research designs are examined, and students will begin the senior project.

  • Ph.D. in Nursing at the University of Iowa, 2011
  • M.S.N. at the University of Iowa, 2009
  • Courses in Certification for Transcultural Nursing at the University of Northern Colorado, 2003
  • B.A., Nursing Major, Luther College, 2002

Contributions to Nursing Science

My primary contribution to science thus far stems from my dissertation work. Amish families use complementary health strategies and collaborate with biomedical providers for the care of their children. My dissertation work used ethnographic methodology to describe Amish perspectives of children’s health, Amish practices of healing for children with chronic health conditions, and how Amish families work with providers to collaborate care for their children. The findings are dynamic but describe a holistic perspective toward caring for children, viewing illness, and prioritize community methods of treatment over biomedical treatments.  When health care providers collaborated well with families, the health outcomes of children were improved.

In the summer of 2015, follow up research from this dissertation used surveys to identify complementary and alternative treatments used by Amish families with Hemophilia. In order to better serve this community, this research intends to bridge health care provider and Amish knowledge about the safety and effectiveness of combining traditional and biomedical treatments for children with Hemophilia.

My second contribution to science is related to contextual considerations to promote forgiveness in community. I conducted ethnographic research with the Old Order Amish to understand how forgiveness is taught within their community, including in their schools. Schools included exercises that teach children about forgiveness and develop the skills of forgiveness through storybooks, wall hangings, written lessons, and practicing apologies and forgiveness in front of the classroom. This forgiveness work continues in the implementation of school-based forgiveness programs in the academic year 2015-2016 in collaboration with psychology and nursing students in local schools.

Grant Research Funding:

June 2015- June 2016: Small Grant Award, Association of Community Health Nurse Educators

Summer 2015: Student/Faculty Summer Collaborative Research, Luther College

August 2012- August 2014: Nena Amundson Distinguished Professorship, Luther College

September 2011- August, 2014 Koebrick Endowment for New Faculty, Luther College

February 2013- May 2013: Vending Machine Assessment Mini-Grant (Sponsored by Winneshiek County Board of Health), Iowa Department of Public Health

August 2010- December 2010: Janice Denehy Graduate Studies Fund Scholarship, University of Iowa College of Nursing

August 2007- July 2010: Between Two Worlds: Amish Children with Special Health Care Needs (Angela Kueny, PI), National Institutes of Health, 5  F31 NR010314-01

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