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Ethnic Arts Festival

Festivals and Folktales is the theme for this year’s Ethnic Arts Celebration. Join the fun as we celebrate and learn about the countries and cultures that many of our students have traveled to or call home.Our global celebration begins Saturday, March 7 at 1:00 p.m. in the Dahl Centennial Union.

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Black History Symposium

Hello everyone.  Welcome back.  I just want to remind everyone that each year, Luther College hosts an annual Black History Symposium.   This year’s symposium is titled Africans and African-Americans: It’s Complicated.  Mark your calendars for February 11-12. 

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Conversations With Sheila: December issue

The Diversity Center is a ‘place of welcome for all who come’ and we mean it! I’m excited about this holiday season. Hanging out and meeting people at the LDC is a good way to become a global citizen, burn off some stress with a good conversation or simply take a break to socialize! 

Our team is all about getting to know students, faculty, and staff as individuals and helping them to connect with each other.  The LDC works to make our campus more aware of the importance of cultural differences and better equipped to work with the different people in our living and learning community.  This season, join us at some of our events.


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Conversations With Sheila: November Issue

What a busy October!  Happily, the Diversity Center and its partners will continue to promote educational programs and celebrations in November. We begin with All Saints Day, to celebrate all the saints, particularly those who do not have their own special feast day.  In the Lutheran tradition, All Saints Day is an opportunity to remember the departed and to praise God for their lives and legacies..  Join us on November 3 at Chapel to remember your loved ones who are with God.

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Conversations With Sheila: Hispanic/Lantio Heritage Month

Conversations with Sheila

I am very excited for the celebration of Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month this year.  In the past, this heritage month was a bit of a challenge for us to plan a celebration.  For one thing, the original dates of this Heritage month, September 15-October 15, comes at the busiest time of the entire academic year!  To the LDC staff, it seemed really hard to fit anything else into the time between the start of classes and Homecoming.   For another, we had so few Latinos on campus that we couldn’t get the vibe we needed!  But everything has changed!!! Our largest ethnic population on Luther’s campus is Hispanic!

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Dominick Butts-Gonzalez('14) and Curtis Burchfield ('14)

Conversations With Sheila: Make a Difference that Counts

Make a Difference that Counts—September, 2014

Hi, my name is Sheila Radford-Hill and I’m the Executive Director of the Luther Diversity Center (LDC).  Conversations with Sheila started in 2003 with our predecessor newsletter titled Synergy.  As the feature article in Diversity Today, our latest monthly newsletter, Conversations shares information and promotes the Diversity Center programs, activities, and events.  Our first big event is the LDC Welcome Dinner on September 10th stop in to sign-up at the LDC.

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