Napkin Holder Advertisement Request

Dining Services Napkin Holders Policy:

Any approved campus organization, department or office may reserve the napkin holders. Advertising space may be reserved for up to one (1) week at a time. Advertisements must be approved in the Dining Services Office before they are distributed in the holders. The group is responsible for placing the advertisements in the holders. Advertisements may not include information about alcohol or drinking at off campus sites. If the reservation is cancelled less than one business day in advance or the napkin holders are not utilized during the reserved time, the group will lose reservation privileges until the next semester.

Advertising Guidelines:

Napkin holder slots are sized 4.25”x6” horizontally

- Around 110 napkin holders.

- Leave about a quarter inch of space on the top and bottom of your ad so that the information doesn’t get cut off when it is placed in the holder.

- Information is for ONE side only. Do not take out the College Ministries side of the napkin dispenser.

- Remove the ad in place prior to yours and place yours in the opposite side of College Ministries.

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