Class of 2013 Spring 2015 Letter

Spring 2015

Dear Classmate,

Since graduation nearly two years ago, harnessing the network of Luther alumni and friends has been critical in my own professional and social success. I’ve taken this entirely for granted, however, because the shared Luther experience was not always a certainty for me.

I grew up in rural Decorah, pledging that my college experience would be anywhere but Luther. Fall of my senior year I applied and was accepted to more than ten colleges and traveled from the Pacific Northwest to Georgia visiting various institutions. With a nudge from my dad, I applied to Luther College as back-up. I refused to copy the Luther experience of the last three generations on my dad’s side, the last two on my mom’s, and I especially did not want to follow my sister’s footsteps. She graduated from Luther in 2008, and I had already copied her in everything else. So naturally – I went to Luther. So did you.

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