Class of 2012 Spring 2019 Letter

Spring 2019

Hey there Class of 2012,

I write to you while mulling over one word…change. I’m even pondering it to the point that I looked up its definition in my Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (true story – a gift as I left for Luther). That eleventh edition beauty defines change as follows:

a.    To make different in some particular

b.    To make radically different

c.    To give a different position, course, or direction to

Anyone else find those definitions shockingly different? The first could mean something as small as storing your car keys on the hook by the door rather than the bowl on the counter. Small? Yes. Insignificant? Maybe. Still a change? Sure! Then you go to the second definition. Bam! Forget storage solutions, friends. Option two seems to imply that change must be transformative or life altering! Then we calm back down with option three. Change is merely something that shifts focus or a path.

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