Class of 2008 Spring 2016 Letter

Spring 2016

Hi, Fellow Alums of 2008,

This is Cale, and as I sat down to write this class agent letter, maybe partly due to me procrastinating some in writing it, my mind jumped to many possible topics to focus on. I ultimately decided on "change.” Probably strongly influenced by the fact I have had a lot of changes in my life recently – my biggest one, getting engaged this winter. It only took until the fifth person we told we were engaged for someone to ask what day we were getting married, and asking way too many detailed questions that we didn't have answers to yet. Another much smaller change that I have had this past week was changing the destination of my upcoming vacation. I had been planning to go to St. Maarten for a week, but with the recent Zika virus concern, I had to switch to Hawaii. 

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