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Class of 2004 Fall 2016 Letter

Fall 2016

Dear Fellow Members of the Class of 2004,

Luther College never ceases to amaze us. As many of you know, we have very generous alumni who are dedicated to ensuring Luther remains one of the best small liberal arts colleges in the nation. You don’t have to look very far to see how so many of us stepped forward this past spring to support Luther’s first Giving Day. It was great to see the friendly competition among communities of Luther alumni and work to meet giving challenges. We especially loved the 50-state challenge, where the goal was to have at least one Luther alum from every state give a gift toward the day’s goal. As the day went on and a few more states were added towards the goal, a few of us were racking our brains to see if we knew anyone in the remaining states. It’s not surprising that this challenge was easily met.

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