Class of 1990 Spring 2016 Letter

Just yesterday I was in a large crowded gym in Illinois full of hundreds of teenage volleyball players and their supporters. I caught a glimpse of a guy walking towards me wearing a grey hoodie with the Luther logo blazoned across the chest. Naturally, I proudly declared that I was a grad and asked his affiliation. With a warm smile, he said that his daughter was recently recruited to play volleyball at Luther and will be starting in the fall. He went on to tell about her visit to campus, where she toured both the Biology Department as well as spent time with the volleyball team. On the way home she declared, “This just feels right. This is where I want to go.” I nodded in agreement, knowing all too well the welcoming campus vibe and excitement. Of course, I proceeded to go on and on (and on) to him about my own Luther history, connections, experiences, and overall love of the college. I kid you not, but it was about 15 minutes of banter until his daughter (who probably had been searching for him) came up to us and joined in the conversation. It was refreshing to be a witness to her enthusiasm about Luther and hear her eagerness to begin her journey there. It is interactions like this that come along every once in a while that make me stop and appreciate the truly special place that Luther is.

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