Class of 1982 Fall 2016 Letter

Class of 1982 Fall 2016 Letter photo 

Fall 2016

Hello, Fellow Classmate,

My parents are cleaning out their basement, and my mom keeps sending me stuff she doesn’t want to throw away—drawings I did at age 4; a school picture from second grade with missing front teeth, a terrible haircut, uneven bangs; an ugly orange and brown macramé wall hanging—mostly useless stuff. However, last week she sent me this postcard of Brandt Hall that I had mailed to my parents on September 10, 1978, just a few weeks into my Luther College education. On the postcard (which I sent for ten cents postage!) you can see that I had circled where my room is in Brandt (2nd floor West), and I shared that I went to a free on-campus movie and met the daughter of one of my dad’s Luther Seminary classmates. And I end my postcard with these words: I love it here! I wonder if I’ll always be this happy! 

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