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Class of 1977 Fall 2016 Letter

Fall 2016

Dear Classmate,

As members of the class of 1977, we have already experienced many of life’s major transitions–first day of school, high school, college, marriage, finding a job, buying a home, and so on. My wife Marcia (Hoff) ’78 and I have recently had the good fortune of being able to make an early start on a transition that will be common to most of us in the coming years–retirement. Yippee! Although leaving the always-on, deadline-driven corporate world has been a little disorientating, Marcia and I have happily filled the void with traveling, visiting friends and family, gardening, volunteering (mostly by Marcia at this point), and doing projects around the house that have been deferred for years. I can see for us that this particular transition is going to continue to evolve as new and exciting opportunities come to light. For example, when I was asked to become the next agent for our class, I was thrilled to have a chance to do something that I might have otherwise declined during my working years. So, here we are–you have a new class agent, and I have an opportunity to do something for our class and alma mater.

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