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Class of 1972 Fall 2016 Letter

Fall 2016 

Dear Classmates of 1972, 

Well, it’s that time again—the time when you hear from your class agent and perhaps travel back in your mind to the autumn day in September of 1968 when you arrived at Luther College. Bev (Ulstad) Borgstrom and I were on campus a few weeks ago and got a whiff of that smell of new books, and what seemed to be an amazing number of brand new blue and white sweatshirts on fresh-faced kids, who appeared to be about 14! Carlson Stadium was packed for a real cliffhanger with their new adversary, Nebraska Wesleyan. Luther lost in a missed 41-yard field goal attempt, but the crowd was enthusiastic and the score close! There were also alumni rugby matches, alumni softball games, and alumni swim meets, along with some alums signing their newly published books—fun!

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