Class of 1972 Spring 2018 Letter

Spring 2018 

Dear Classmate, 

As I was driving between White Lake, Mich. and Columbus, Ohio, as I've done frequently as of late because we have daughters and granddaughters in each location (and we actually live in Florida), I noticed there is a stretch of landscape, once I turn off of I-75 onto Highway 15/23 that reminds me of vistas from my car windows when I drove from Minneapolis to Decorah 45+ years ago. The distance, of just over three hours, is about the same as well. What took my breath away, aside from the beauty of the landscape, was the fact that it brought my mind back to Luther, as it does when I pass similar scenery.  Sometimes it’s the far reaching checkerboard fields of crops, the rolling hills or the rocky bluffs, and the occasional horse drawn Amish buggies. 

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