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  • Believing and Achieving

    Mentoring program at Luther College. Video created 10/09/2009.

  • Faculty-Student Collaboration at Luther

    Featured faculty-student projects at Luther.  Video created 01/23/2009.

  • Student Support Services

    An overview of Student Support Services.  Video created 04/30/2010.

  • January Term: Silicon Valley

  • Luther By The Numbers

    A look at some of Luther’s key numbers

  • Faculty Spotlight: Nick Preus

    Meet Nick Preus, associate professor of english.

  • Finals

    With finals quickly approaching, students flock to their favorite study spots. Here are some of the favorites according to a Luther College student.

  • Ballroom Swing Club

    Each year Luther's Ballroom/Swing club trains hard in preparation for their competitions, and each year new friendships are made, new dance moves are learned, and impressive discipline and fortitude is learned by all involved.

  • Melanie Massnick on Luther's Religion Department

    Melanie Massnick '11 reflects on her experience as Religion major at Luther, what it taught her and how it is influencing her future.

  • Spring; Luther Campus Comes Alive

    What happens when it gets warm outside at Luther College.

  • Arne Sorenson on Luther's Religion Department

    Arne Sorenson '80 reflects on his experience as a Religion Major at Luther College and how it influences his current career as CEO of Marriott Hotels.

  • More than Professors

    Professors at Luther College are more than just professors.

  • Once a Norse Always A Norse - Lunch with the Class of 2013

    Snapshots of the Graduation Picnic Lunch for the Luther College Class of 2013.

  • Inaugural Splash - Swim Team in the new Luther College Aquatic Center

    A few members of the Luther College Swim Team make the first plunge into the brand new pool, Wednesday June 26th, 2013, 12:12pm.

  • MLL @ LC