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The Scoop - Info SSS students need to know about!

March 2012 (Monday, March 12, 2012)

    • Study Abroad Experiences from this J-Term!

      Several SSS Students made study abroad a reality this J-term. 

      To view video, photos and blogs . . .   Read more...

    • How you can make Study Abroad your reality

      Eighteen SSS students attended the Study Abroad Workshop on February 13th.   Jon Lund from the Center of Global Learning (along with Corby Preus) presented oral & written information about Luther’s study away options.  Kathy Kerber discussed financial aid options to create awareness of the affordability for studying abroad.  Three representatives from off campus spoke about their programs:

      Please note that all of these programs also include scholarships/grants to ensure that you can afford to study off campus!

      Three SSS participants shared information about their Study Abroad experiences, including a full year in Nottingham, a semester in Spain, and a J-term in Turkey/Jordan.  

      Everyone enjoyed Subway sandwiches, pretzels and Valentine’s candy during the presentations. If you missed it, here are the on campus links and the financial aid information: 

      Center for Global Learning

      Financial Aid for Off Campus Learning

      Other Opportunities to Study Abroad (music, athletics, etc.)


    • Nobel Peace Prize Forum 2012

      Two SSS participants, Tony Dischinger `14 and Jordy Barry `15, attended the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Minneapolis

      "It was truly inspiring. I had an absolutely wonderful experience. I had the opportunity of partaking in two workshops. The first was about the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and how peaceful negotiations are possible. The second was about the psychology behind trauma, and how we as a society can ultimately come together and foster peace instead of relive major atrosities. It really sparked a lot of questions in regards to differing global perspectives, as well as challenged my beliefs. For some ethical dilemmas, I either was forced to think about why I believed what I did, or I thought about different issues in society in a new light. I really enjoyed it!

      Thank you for the opportunity!"

      Jordy Barry `15



    • Do you know your "Dependable Strengths?"

      Fourteen students participated in the January 10th Dependable Strengths workshop facilitated by Keley Smith-Keller, Director of the Career Center.

      This two hour session guided participants in articulating possible strengths they can use in choosing a major, deciding on a career, and becoming more self-aware.  

      The workshop began with everyone identifying four good experiences from their life; then participants shared these with others in small groups, with the listeners providing feedback about possible strengths.  The process continued with everyone identifying, organizing and prioritizing their possible strengths; ultimately developing what they felt to be at least one dependable strength.  

      Keley concluded with online resources while students enjoyed Subway sandwiches and cookies.

      O*Net OnLine (finding occupations, searching for jobs, connecting to resources)

      Occupational Outlook Handbook
      For hundreds of different types of jobs the Occupational Outlook Handbook tells you:

      • the training and education needed
      • earnings
      • expected job prospects
      • what workers do on the job
      • working conditions

      Both of these resources are also available through the SSS Resources for Students webpage.

      In our follow up survey we asked, "In what ways will you use the information from this workshop?"  Participants responded:

      • “I will now make a decision for a major based on my strengths”
      • “I figured some things out that I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t done this.”
      • “When I go to a job interview, I feel well prepared on what questions they might ask me.”


      All the photos from the event are posted on our SSS Facebook page, but you can see a few here . . .