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March 1, 2013 (Friday, March 1, 2013)

    • Resources for Students Webpage

      We’ve made our Resources for Students page easier to access and review!  Now you can see at a glance what resources are available. 

      Resources for Students

      Click on any link listed under Resources for Students for more detailed information including fun videos, interactive websites and useful tips.     Read more...

    • Making Study Abroad a Reality

      Our SSS workshop series continued with SSS participants and the Center for Global Learning presenting information about how students can make study abroad a reality. 

      You can view the entire presentation by clicking on the graphic below: 

      Make Study Abroad a Reality(1)  

    • Financial Aid Jeopardy 2013

      This January 14, thirty-two students were lucky enough to play Financial Aid “Jeopardy.”

      Financial Aid Jeopardy 2013(1)

      Divided into four teams, students competed for the chance to win Java John’s gift cards (and learned lots about Financial Aid in the process).  Categories included Acronyms, Completing the FAFSA, Financial Aid Programs, Loans, Loans, Loans and Potpourri; while the answers ranged from Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant to the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.  

      Financial Aid Jeopardy 2013(2)

      While competing, we snacked on chips & salsa and pinwheel hors d’oeuvres, and three students received door prizes such as a USB powered lamp and an LED board.

      Financial Aid Jeopardy 2013(3) 


    • Finals Pizza Party 2012

      On December 7, 2012 SSS hosted our annual “Kick Off to Finals Pizza Party and Board Game Night.”  

      Finals Pizza Party 2012(1) 

      Forty-seven students enjoyed the variety of Pizza Hut, including a pineapple pizza (apparently it was excellent), along with fresh fruits and vegetables.  While the movie A Christmas Story played in the background, we played card or board games (I lost badly at Disney Sorry, again ☹ ). 

      Finals Pizza Party 2012(2) 

      For the door prize winners: