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Reggie Young, Luther College class of 2016, with one of the students she is teaching in Trujillo, Peru.


Turning learning into teaching

When your cooperating teacher becomes ill and you've got to teach students who speak a different language... you lean on your Luther education to get through. Luther grad Reggie Young is turning a learning experience in Peru, into a teaching experience for the children in Trujillo.

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Loren Toussaint, Luther College associate professor of psychology

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Professor Toussaint asks us to FoRGo hate and embrace forgiveness, not just for the sake of those being forgiven... but also for our own health and mental well being. Read on for an introduction to his new website.

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Will Heller, Luther College class of 2016

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Fellowship of the fellows

Leading a team of his former peers, Luther grad Will Heller is serving the college as a fellow in the Visual Media department. In preparing those peers for life after Luther, Will is preparing himself for the working world... while still at Luther.

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Rebecka Green, Luther College class of 2019

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Rethinking patriotism

Self-centered nationalism or patriotism? Is there a difference? Luther sophomore Rebecka Green questions whether or not she is a patriot, even though she loves her country like family.

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Ben Moore

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Let go

Professor Moore on teaching students how to let go and learn new ways of understanding, and teaching himself to let go of labels and grow as an artist.

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Rob Shedinger


Colin Kaepernick's patriotism

Taking on a nationally divisive topic, Professor Shedinger asks us to re-envision 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the National Anthem as an act of patriotism.

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