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Steve Holland

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Holden Village: Learning in community

A January term experience without cell phones, without television and without the creature comforts that come with urban living may sound difficult, like torture to some. To those who accept the challenge however, the place becomes a kind of heaven. Professor Holland explains the rich and challenging layers of Holden Village.

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The Biologist’s Dilemma

Professor Shedinger questions the ongoing biologist debate regarding intelligent design theory. Are biologists challenging ID as unscientific because they truly believe it to be so... or because they're worried it may a legitimate scientific argument?

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Sheila Radford-Hill

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Why 'Don't Shoot' matters

Sheila Radford-Hill, executive director of Luther's Diversity Center, talks about why we should pay attention to the events that make up the "Don't Shoot" series.

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Thomas C. Johnson


Oneota Film Festival-a must see

From revolutions to gluten-free myths, symphonies to orphans, Thomas C. Johnson praises Decorah's Oneota Film Festival, hosted by Luther, and invites you to come see the fresh films for yourself.

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The view of the Duomo from right outside our hostel!

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Frankenstinians in Florence

Luther students Jamie Linert and Alexandra Fitschen describe their last few days abroad... from Florence to Rome, the Duomo to Michelangelo's David, and beautiful places of worship to great places to eat!

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Robert Vrtis

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Laughter and the Nails of Reason

Taking comedy seriously. Bobby Vrtis, Luther College assistant professor of theatre, explains Franca Rame's comment, "When you laugh, you open your mouth, but you also open your mind to be pierced by the nails of reason," in the context of the horrific Charlie Hebdo event.

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