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Pedro dos Santos

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When people we read about come to town

It's not often that a superhero walks off a page to come to class and chat. Pedro dos Santos discusses how that will happen this week in one of his classes when Mary McAleese, former president of Ireland, comes to campus to lecture and to chat with students in one of his classes.

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Brad Miller

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I want to be an archaeologist

Brad Miller, currently teaching a study-away trip in Malta, thinks he might want to be an archaeologist when he grows up. Read along to find out what Indiana Jones can teach us about problem solving and "learning in place."

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Steve Holland

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Holden Village: Learning in community

A January term experience without cell phones, without television and without the creature comforts that come with urban living may sound difficult, like torture to some. To those who accept the challenge however, the place becomes a kind of heaven. Professor Holland explains the rich and challenging layers of Holden Village.

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Bob Shedinger Headshot


The Biologist’s Dilemma

Professor Shedinger questions the ongoing biologist debate regarding intelligent design theory. Are biologists challenging ID as unscientific because they truly believe it to be so... or because they're worried it may a legitimate scientific argument?

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