Journal of the Iowa Academy of Sciences features Luther College professor's research on the Upper Iowa River

Richard Bernatz, Luther College professor of mathematics, had his article, "Flood Frequency Estimation by Neyman-Scott Rectangular Pulse Rainfall Model and TopModel," published in the Journal of the Iowa Academy of Sciences in Volume 118, Issue 104. The article is focused on portions of an on-going Luther project that collects and analyzes rainfall and runoff data for the Upper Iowa River.

The project works as a means to predict the effect of a warming climate on annual peak flows. The results for the new climate regime represent a 20 percent increase in the excedence probability flow under the current climate regime.

Bernatz, a member of the Luther faculty since 1991, is the author of numerous journal articles, including pieces on computational fluid dynamics with applications in meteorology, climatology and mathematical models of watersheds.

In 2009 Bernatz was the recipient of an Iowa Science Foundation research grant for a project titled "Rainfall Model for Projecting the 1% Annual Discharge for Small Watersheds."

Since joining the Luther faculty, Bernatz has been involved in several student-faculty research collaborations resulting in students presenting their results at national undergraduate research conferences. 

Some of Bernatz's projects include "Vector and Parallel Solutions of Tridiagonal Linear Systems" in 1992 with Enwei Xie, Luther class of 1994 and a current member of the Luther Board of Regents; "Development of the Finite Analytic Solution Method for Two-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations on Irregular Domains" in 1995 with Kurtis Schweitz, Luther class of 1997; "The Finite Analytic Method in Flows and Heat Transfer" in 2000 published by the Taylor and Francis Group; "Neyman-Scott Model of Rainfall in Northeast Iowa" in 2008 with Brittany Schwefel, Luther class of 2009; and "Fourier Series and Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations" in 2010 published by John Wiley and Sons.

Bernatz holds a bachelor's degree from Luther College, a master's degree from Iowa State University and a doctoral degree from the University of Iowa.

Richard Bernatz, professor of mathematics