'Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury' presentation set for May 1

April 18, 2012   

Inspirational speaker Bridgid Ruden will speak on "Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury" Tuesday, May 1 at 6 p.m. in Valders Hall of Science, Room 206 on the Luther College campus.

The event is open to the public with no charge for admission.

Ruden is an inspirational speaker who has spoken across America. She suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2008 causing aphasia, an impairment of language ability, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, vertigo, balance issues and memory loss. As a testament to her recovery Ruden publicly shares her healing process, struggles and achievements with health care professionals, survivors and their advocates.

In May 2008 Ruden was biking a trail in Coralville, Iowa. Ruden was riding down a hill, lost control, crashed and slammed her head onto pavement. After being transported by ambulance to the University of Iowa Hospital, Ruden was found to have a fractured skull and bleeding in her brain.

After three surgeries, Ruden slowly began to improve and was transferred to St. Luke’s Hospital on June 2008 for rehabilitation. After a fourth surgery, Ruden had a titanium plate inserted for parts of her missing left skull.

Drawing on the professional experience as a nurse practitioner, Ruden gives audiences an in-depth look into the methods and techniques of treating the residual effects of traumatic brain injury.

Ruden offers a rare glimpse into the personal perspective of the patient and how love, support and understanding can be the most important factors in the healing process.

Ruden's presentation at Luther is sponsored by Luther's Nursing Department.

Bridgid Ruden