Luther College students selected to present research at national conference

March 28, 2012

Fourteen Luther College students have been selected to present their research projects at the 26th National Conference of Undergraduate Research, the showcase event for exemplary research and scholarship by undergraduate students from the nation's top colleges and universities.

The 2012 NCUR conference will be held March 28-31 at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.  Some 2,000 undergraduate students in all academic disciplines will come together to present and discuss their research projects through posters, oral presentation, visual arts displays and performances.

Top presenters will be invited to publish their work in the NCUR Conference Proceedings, edited and produced annually by The University of North Carolina at Asheville and distributed to institutions across the nation.  Manuscripts are reviewed and selected for publication by the NCUR Proceedings Board.

The 14 Luther students will be accompanied by faculty members Amanda Hamp, Luther assistant professor of dance, and Marian Kaehler, Luther professor of biology.

The Luther students, research projects and supervising faculty are as follows:

Georgianna Whiteley will present "The Preservation and Application of Medicinal Plant Knowledge Among the Maasai in Tanzania." Her supervising faculty is Lori Stanley, Luther associate dean and director of faculty development.

Erin Voelschow will present "Investigating the Effect of Calcium and Iron on Gene Regulation in Vibrio Parahaemolyticus." Her supervising faculty is Jodi Enos-Berlage, Luther associate professor or biology.

Mark Irish will present "Lithic Raw Material Sourcing and Exchange Patterns at the Late Prehistoric Hartley Fort Site." His supervising faculty is Colin Betts, Luther associate professor of anthropology.

Abby Nance will present "Kingly Boys, Subservient Girls: Gendered Hierarchies in Harry Potter and Narnia." Her supervising faculty is Lisa Kildegaard, Luther professor of English.

Jaci Wilkinson will present "Fancy Butcher's 'Little Prairie Town': Adding a New Voice to the Chicago Literary Renaissance." Her supervising faculty is Mark Muggli, Luther professor of English.

Laurie Medford will present "'Unfit and Incapacitated': Aging and Medical Illness among Union Civil War Veterans of Company 'C,' Eighth Wisconsin Volunteers." Her supervising faculty is Edward Tebbenhoff, Luther associate professor of history.

Jonathan Grieder will present "A Civil Rights Presidency: Harry S. Truman in the White House." His supervising faculty is Keona Ervin, Luther assistance professor of Africana studies and history.

Margaret Darling will present "Legislative Impact on Pharmaceutical Advertising Practices and Consumer Attitudes in the United States and Peru." Her supervising faculty is Rebecca Bowman, Luther assistant professor of political science.

Ashley Matthys will present "The 'Forgotten Mourners': An Evaluation of Communicative Coping Mechanisms in Sibling Survivors of Suicide." Her supervising faculty is Kimberly Powell, Luther professor of communication studies.  

Ben Gardner will present "Søren Kierkegaard's Theory of Consciousness." His supervising faculty is Matthew Simpson, Luther associate professor of philosophy.           

Daniel Warden will present "Brown v. Board of Education: More Hurt than Help." His supervising faculty is Keona Ervin, Luther assistance professor of Africana studies and history.

Charles Driscoll will present "Polymerization of D, L-Lactide with Titanium (IV)-Tartrates." His supervising faculty is Bradley Chamberlain, Luther associate professor of chemistry.

Andrew Knight will present "Detecting Trace Amounts of Environmental Pollutants by Fluorescence Spectroscopy." His supervising faculty is Olga Rinco, Luther associate professor of chemistry.

Joe Thor will present "Empire and Divination: A Study of Roman Religion and Politics in the Early Empire through the Office of the Augur." His supervising faculty is Robert Christman, Luther assistant professor of history.

2012 National Conference on Undergraduate Research