Alumnus Enwei Xie ’94 named to Luther board of regents

July 19, 2010

Luther College President Richard Torgerson has announced the appointment of Enwei Xie of Beijing, China, to the Luther Board of Regents. Xie, an information technology leader in cloud computing systems, applications and software, is the chief cloud computing strategist and a general manager with Microsoft China's Greater China Region operations.

He will join the college's governing board at its October meeting.

"We are fortunate to have Enwei join Luther's leadership team," said President Torgerson. "As we address the challenges of maintaining information technology systems that best serve the academic needs of our students, and provide the technology the college must have for its administrative operations, Enwei will be an invaluable resource for information and in strategic planning."

A native of Shanghai, China, Xie holds the bachelor of arts degree in computer science, mathematics and physics from Luther College and an electrical engineering degree from FuDan University in Shanghai, China.

Xie has been an enthusiastic supporter of Luther since graduating in 1994, including serving as an inaugural member of Presidentsraad, the college's presidential advisory group.

Xie has received numerous honors for his work in technology, including the Management Excellence Trailblazer Award and the Asia Pacific Islander Leadership Excellence Award.

With Microsoft, he previously held the positions of general manager of server and tools business in Shanghai, China, and held various leadership roles in product development in Redmond, Wash.

Xie and his wife, Lynn Tonglao, are the parents of two children, Anna Louise, age five, and Noah Jordan, age two.


Enwei Xie