College Revises Stewardship Plan for Natural Areas, Invites Comment

April 21, 2010

Luther College is seeking public comment on the college’s proposed land stewardship plan, the document which will guide land use decisions and stewardship practices on the approximately 1,000 acres of natural areas owned and managed by the college.

The draft of the proposed stewardship plan can be viewed at website

The Luther College land use committee is currently seeking suggestions and comments from students, faculty, and staff at the college, as well as from natural resource professionals in the area. The committee also welcomes all comments from the public.

Comments and suggestions for the stewardship plan will be received until May 7. Written comments can be submitted on the Luther College sustainability web page

The new stewardship plan will replace the current plan, which was written in 1983.

Goals of the plan include supporting the educational mission of the college, nurturing a connection with place, and fulfilling the college’s responsibility as land stewards by protecting and restoring ecological communities. 

The natural areas subcommittee of the college’s land use committee is charged with developing and writing the new plan. The group includes representatives from the college’s faculty, staff and student body, and representatives of local government.

Each natural area of campus was examined to determine its current condition and to consider specific goals. Stewardship recommendations were developed based on the project goals, current conditions and ecological research on these habitats in the Upper Midwest.

After approval by the college’s land use committee and administration, the revised land stewardship plan will be presented this fall to the Luther Board of Regents with request for approval.