Wade Shilts to speak April 6 on 'Improving Economic Judgment in a Gen Y World'

March 23, 2010

Wade Shilts, Luther College associate professor of economics, will speak Tuesday, April 6 at 7 p.m. in the Center for Faith and Life recital hall. Shilts’ lecture, “It’s Too Expensive to Listen to You: Improving Economic Judgment in a Gen Y World,” is part of the 2009-10 Luther Paideia Text and Issues Lecture Series.

A reception will be held in the Center for Faith and Life Qualley Lounge following the lecture.

Both lecture and reception are open to the public with no charge for admission.

Shilts will explore questions related to technology and altering communication between teachers and students: What if students had good reasons not to listen to their teachers? What if teachers had good reasons not to listen to their students?

He will discuss the digital world dominated by accelerating technological change and the Generation Y mindset, and how it impacts student-teacher interactions, especially in the context of listening.

Shilts joined the Luther faculty in 1997. He holds advanced degrees from Washington University in law and from the University of Iowa in economics and history. 

His classrooms cross and re-cross disciplinary boundaries. “Whatever works to get the economics and history across,” he says, “be it science fiction story or Supreme Court opinion, junk mail or heavy metal music, anarchist polemic or Christian apologetic.”

Shilts is currently writing a book about the need for better listening, “Barriers of Faith: Listening, ‘Common Ground,’ and the Needs of Economic Higher Education in an Anarchic World.”